Claver Mask (Includes Shipping)

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Claver Mask

Buy More - Save More!  Select the quantity you want to purchase and get the best value for your dollar!  Select 20 masks to get the low price of $5.25 / mask!! PLEASE NOTE: QTY DISCOUNT IS ON SAME ORDER ONLY! - SELECT THE DESIRED QUANTITY AND THE PRICE WILL AUTOMATICALLY ADJUST. IF YOU PLACE MULTIPLE SINGLE ITEM ORDERS - THE DISCOUNT WILL NOT BE APPLIED!!!

Purchase your own double fabric face mask displaying the Knights of Peter Claver and Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary logo.  Masks are not primarily about self-protection, they are about protecting others.  Wearing a mask while practicing social distancing is the expectation of the CDC, state, and local jurisdictions.  It is a crucial means of reducing the transmission of the corona virus.  

Keep safe and pray for all who are affected by this and all viruses and sicknesses.